About Us:-

Puma Industrial Tool Co Pty Ltd began operations in 1991. Situated in the heart of Dandenong, we provide a full range of quality air compressors and associated accessories. Our imported range of direct and belt driven air compressor units are assembled locally.Puma Industrial Tool Company is based on a high level of service and spare parts backup. All units are serviced locally by fully qualified technicians.

Custom made compressors are available on request. As a member of the Compressed Air Association of Australia, each air compressor has a distinctive white and blue CAAA sticker. This sticker is an assurance to you, our customer, that the air compressor is correctly rated. Protocol 2000 has been developed by CAAA to measure free air delivery (F.A.D.) of air compressors. The label carrying the CAAA logo is attached to those air compressors that have been rated in accordance with CAAA Protocol 2000.

So, when purchasing your compressor, you can be sure that every effort has been made to ensure that the unit is of the highest standard. Please browse through our products and view our extensive range of air compressors and accessories.